run the gamut

run the gamut
run the gamut experience, display, or perform the complete range of something.
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  • run the gamut of —    If you run the gamut of something, you cover the entire range of what is possible.     He enjoys reading. His taste runs the gamut from popular novels to poetry …   English Idioms & idiomatic expressions

  • run the gamut — verb To encompass the full range or variety possible. His tastes in music run the gamut from classical to heavy metal …   Wiktionary

  • run the gamut — experience, display, or perform the complete range of something wines that run the gamut from dry to sweet …   Useful english dictionary

  • run the gamut — to include everything within a group or type. Our discussions ran the gamut from wealth to war and education to the environment. Usage notes: often used with from, as in the example …   New idioms dictionary

  • run the gamut — look at what is available, check the range of choices    We ran the whole gamut of colors but she didn t like any of them …   English idioms

  • run the gamut — experience or display the complete range of something. → gamut …   English new terms dictionary

  • gamut — In music, gamut properly means ‘the note G at the pitch now indicated by the lowest line of the bass staff’. (The word is formed from medieval Latin gamma (= the note G) + ut, the first of six arbitrary names forming the hexachord (ut, re, mi, fa …   Modern English usage

  • gamut — ► NOUN 1) the complete range or scope of something. 2) Music a complete scale of musical notes; the compass or range of a voice or instrument. 3) historical a scale consisting of seven overlapping hexachords, containing all the recognized notes… …   English terms dictionary

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